District Profile

Butte County Joint School District # 111 Profile
Mission: Achievement for Every Student  

Butte County Joint School District 111 – All of Butte County and part of Custer County. 89% of the land in Butte County is owned/managed by the Federal Government.

Enrollment: Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is approximately 399 students.

Special Populations: 79 Students qualify for Special Education and the State only allots for and supports 24.6. The district must pick up the costs of Individual Education Plan support for the remaining 44.4. This includes services from Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists in addition to classroom support and materials.

Economic: Over 50% Free and Reduced Lunch Count – High Poverty School District

Facilities: Butte Middle/High School (7 through 12 Grades), Arco Elementary (PreSchool through 6 Grades), and Howe Elementary School K – 1 Grades) located 28 miles north of Arco – Some students travel 160 miles round trip daily on mostly gravel roads to attend school because of rural locations.


Joe Steele, Superintendent, Principal of Arco and Howe Elementary, Co-Director of Special Education (Elementary), Director of Professional Development

Robert Chambers ,JR/SR High  School Principal,  Co-Director of Special Education (Secondary)

Faculty – Dedicated Certified Staff of 27 with low turn over.

Academic Performance

Idaho Standardized Achievement Test results show Butte County schools out performing the state of Idaho averages at almost every grade level. We had more students performing at proficient or advanced at every grade level tested (3rd – 10th) in English, Language Arts, and Literacy. In Math we scored above the state averages in grades 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10th grades. 


We offer extra curricular activities at Butte Middle/High School including boys’ and girls’ basketball, football,  volleyball, cross country, scholastic's  and track.

Community: Butte is a rural community with many residents working in agriculture related occupations. A big population of the students have a parent working at one of the INL sites.